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Company Profile

Established in 2002, Kanopi Insan Sejahtera has a goal to give sanctuary and cares for the old people who need helps, and organize the nurses who want to be partner of Kanopi Insan Sejahtera .  We have good cooperation with some outstanding hospitals in Jakarta among others: Medistra Hospital, which have good reputation among expatriate.


Kanopi Insan Sejahtera proudly announce that quite a number of respected citizens give their confidence to let their beloved relatives to be taken into its hands.


Kanopi Insan Sejahtera alleviate to solving the problem of growing number of the old age population and sick people by providing more support in establishing training of nurses for the young who are willing to work in this field. Kanopi Insan Sejahtera gives added value to those who have the ability to serve professionally with heart, giving the best service to achieve the customers delight.

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Human Resources

Kanopi Insan Sejahtera is supported by senior nurses as a member of board and trainer. They have at least 10 years experience at good reputation creditable hospitals in Jakarta.

In giving the beneficial service to the customer, the senior nurses will actively supervise our co-partners to assist and help them. If necessary these seniors will undertake a home visit or even find the best match.

Core Board of Kanopi Insan Sejahtera

Kanopi Nursing Home has the best talents that share the same strong belief, to serving the elderly, disable and sick person with heart. Together, we are dedicated to give the best service for our customers. 

Kanopi Insan Sejahtera established as a call to serve people wholeheartedly. Visiting clients' houses and pray for their well-being is a satisfaction that cannot be found at any other workplaces.

Partnership that cooperate with PT. Kanopi Insan Sejahter

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