Sunday , 18 November 2018
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Cooperation with RS. Medistra in providing POS

Realizing that the limited time for families to be able to always accompany the patient during the patient’s stay in the hospital because there are still other activities to do, then the canopy Insan Sejahtera with RS. Medistra in providing services Management of the Sick (POS) to be able to replace the position of the family in maintaining and taking care of the patient during the stay in the hospital.Medistra. The task of POS them, help the patient at the time of defecation (BAB) and urination (BAK); Mika task-Miki (right oblique – slanting left) so that no injuries occur decubitus; assist nurses when bathing the patient; providing food and drink under the supervision of a nurse; perform massage on patients; contact the nurse if it would run out of drug infusion or when the patient needs more help. With the existence of these services, then the patient’s family can be more peaceful to take care of other needs that simply can not be left out. For patients who have health insurance group, please also check the claim on the insurance policy because in general the cost of a private nurse can diclaim to the insurance carrier.

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