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The Testimony of Mrs. Oni Sarwono

Oni Sarwono

Here is the testimony of Mrs. Prof. Dr. Billy K Sarwono, MA, Prof. Dr. Billy K Sarwono, MA, the Care Giver Sri Paryanti who has cared my beloved mother.

Sister Sri Paryanti, whose nickname, Ms. Yanti, taking care of my mother, mother Tati Widyo Sarwono since 2011 and died July 8, 2016. Alm. Alzheimer’s disease until his death in 2004 aged 84 years. Not easy for Ms. Yanti to meet the doctor’s advice that women can get the intake of nutritious foods and drink enough. If less drinking, the mother’s body will be a fever. To meet the target of a doctor, Ms. Yanti with the patient, feeding one spoon, one spoon and one tablespoon more water drink to always be up to 6 cups per day. Likewise, in terms of eating, Ms. Yanti while chatting with the mother and patiently persuade the mother to finish his meal. On the night until the early hours when she could not sleep, Ms. Yanti embrace the mother and did not stop stroking the mother until the mother had fallen asleep. Mother hospitalized every time when Ms. Yanti back to her hometown to celebrate Eid, At the time we realized that was not easy to care for mothers Alzheimer’s and Ms. Yanti has to give the best for the mother.
Thank you Ms. Yanti on love, attention, time and energy that you give to the mother. Thanks KANOPI that has been educating nurses who have responsibility, and empathy in caring for and assisting patients. Hopefully all leaders, staff and nurses are always in the shadow of the Almighty God.

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