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About Nursing Home Care

Increased age or grow old is a process that runs natural human life, is not negotiable or rejected, which inevitably dislikes or likes to be accepted and embraced by everyone who was blessed with longevity God. In the aging process is often accompanied by the arrival of various degenerative diseases such as dementia, the eye becomes myopic, decreased hearing, body movement becomes increasingly slow and weak, not to mention the emergence of some disease that often affects the elderly such as high blood pressure, diabetes, a weak heart, osteoporosis, gout, etc. which is quite a burden and aggravate the lives of the elderly.

By sharing the above issues, the senior citizens will also face problems in daily living such as: difficulty walking, defecating, urinating, bathing, eating, drinking, etc., which are often in desperate need of help from others in order to remain live a normal life and be able to obtain a better quality of life.

Kanopi Insan Sejahtera Experience for 9 (nine) years of organized home care services and care giver who has been caring for elderly patients as well as with a variety of diseases. The canopy is supported in his work by the nursing staff who are professional and have had decades of experience in their field. Experience canopy provide Home Care services were not found to slightly older people who have been out of the hospital but the actual need of special care, for example: unable to walk, eat still have to go through the sonde, while his family want to put in a nursing home, it turns out most of the nursing home only receive independent elderly.

Establishment of Nursing Home Canopy Insan Sejahtera in order to provide a solution by offering services for senior citizens who have various diseases Geriatrics but has no longer require inpatient medical assistance, but his condition did not meet the requirements to be accepted by most nursing home available. So that the elderly are not independent of the condition could be given adequate services with mentoring Care Giver.

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