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Nurses Home Care Professionals

Nurses Home Care Professionals


Delivers professional nurses to care, accompany the patient and replace task in maintaining the patient’s family, either at home or in the hospital.

The work is handled by a home care nurse is the same as that performed by nurses in hospitals such as pairs of infusion, catheter, suction, sonde, syringes, etc..

Advantages of using a patient in nursing home care services including savings, more comfortable conditions, families can manage their time more efficiently, the activities of the family in making a living is not compromised.

Consists of nurses who have recently graduated college until the nurses ext. ICU hospital.

• Management of the Sick (POS)

Accompany patients who are not independent in performing daily activities, for example: post-stroke, chronic pain, etc..

The work handled by POS simpler, such as taking care of the catheter, providing food and drink through ZONDE, assisting patients in their daily activities, assist patients in taking medication, record the general condition of the patient such as blood pressure and heart rate, etc..

POS is usually beneficial for patients who are in a state of recovery which had not required medical treatment complicated.

• Parent Companion (POT)

Accompany, assist parents in doing a variety of activities that both moderate and high levels of dependence to another party.

POT handle a much simpler task than the POS, more functions are to accompany the older people.

• Accompanying Patients Treated Abroad

The canopy is ready to perform tasks nurses accompany patients during medical treatment abroad or can also pick up a patient who has completed treatment abroad. Canopy nurse will perform handover duties with hospitals abroad so nursing program may be forwarded to the optimal result on his return to his homeland.

The nurses are assigned to this program are usually nurses who have experience working in a hospital and have a good standard of ability.

• Provide Medical Tools

The canopy can help patients who need assistive devices such as oxygen cylinders health, patient beds, wheelchairs, decubitus mattress, suction, etc..

Such tools can be rented or purchased as well.

• Fisio Therapy, Acupuncture and Doctors

The canopy has a power physio therapist, acupuncture physicians and general practitioners who are ready to come to the patient’s home to help speed up the recovery process.

• Other services

In cooperation with a company that can provide medicines that are sent directly to the patient’s home.


Canopy with permission clientnya make regular visits to the field to control the quality of service and get input for future improvements.

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