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Home Care

Home care nurses of Kanopi were graduated from SPK with over decades of working experience in hospital as well as graduated from Akper with specialized training to be capable of serving/handling/ taking care of client/patient at home.

Generally, the kind of clients that handled are patients newly discharged from the hospital such as post-stroke or post-surgery with aid – tools such as infusion, catheter up to a ventilator machine. . In addition, home care nurses are able to handle terminal phase patients (palliative care) as well, in which action taken were intended to improve the quality of patient ‘s life ( pain reducing and comfort increasing) rather than healing purpose.

Nurses provided are various from junior to senior including ICU nurses .

In general, the nurses work in teams and turn shifts in 12 or 24 hours.

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Care Giver

Care Giver or care taker are consist of women and men with minimum education of high school or equivalent, SMK Kesehatan up to D1 keperawatan which are trained specifically (which got special training) in Kanopi training center to be able to take care and assist senior citizen and sick people.

Care Giver are coming from various places in Indonesia with various religion and races / tribes. They were given basic nursing education as well as attitudes & behavior/ethical education as a professional care giver.

However, for beginner care givers , they need time to adjust at the client ‘s house , so active participation from client ‘s family is expected such as notification of what the care givers need to do /adjust. (so client ‘s family is kindly expected to notify the care givers on what they should do/adjust.

Care Giver work and stay at client ‘s house and have the right to get 2 days leave each month. Leave will be govern by Kanopi Insan Sejahatera by sending temporary alternate care giver or if the care giver does not want to take a leave, then the leave will be considered as overtime which must be paid by the users per day according to the current Kanopi Insan Sejahtera regulation

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Lakukan Hal Ini Saat Memilih Babysitter

Baby Sitter

Kanopi Insan Sejahtera Baby Sitter/Governess consists of a junior high school graduate, high school equivalent, midwives, teachers who have received special training to serve the newborn children up to the age of 8 years, also for children with special needs. Baby Sitter personnel from various regions through a rigorous selection process and can be justified their existence. During the process of work preparation training, monitoring and assessment is carried out directly by the instructor. Only those who have a good performance which will be channeled to work.

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Nursing Home

Unlike the ordinary Nursing Home which mostly accepts healthy elderly people, Kanopi Nursing Home accepts any elderly people who in need of care. The elderly will be taken care of and accompanied by a nurse and Care Giver for 24 hours. There is also a doctor on call who can be contacted any time needed.

Kanopi Nursing Home is an extension services of PT. Kanopi Insan Sejahtera business unit which established in 2002. We realized that many people need a Nursing Home due their family inability to accompany their ill family member or people who are unmarried but having an illness and live alone.

Criteria to become a Resident at Kanopi Nursing Home:

  • Having illness and not being independent, that needed help from a third party.
  • Not having contagious disease.
  • Do not have any problematic behaviours, such as aggressive actions or verbal and physical abuse that can hurt other residents.
  • Providing responsible parties as the guardian

Facilities and Services in the Kanopi Nursing Home:

  • 24 hours company of nurses and care giver.
  • On Call doctor
  • Food and beverage service. 3 times meals, 2 times snacks
  • Laundry Services
  • Physical Wellness. Daily activities according to the patient’s condition.
  • Spiritual Wellness. Kanopi welcomes Residents of all religions, where facilities and transportation are provided according to the worship needs of each religion.
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Kanopi Cheerful Daycare

Our Daycare service provides quality childcare for children of all ages. We believe that every child is unique and deserves individualized care and attention. Our passionate team of caregivers is committed to creating a safe, supportive, and loving atmosphere where your child feels valued, respected, and cherished.

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