Care Giver

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Care Giver or care taker are consist of women and men with minimum education of high school or equivalent, SMK Kesehatan up to D1 keperawatan which are trained specifically (which got special training) in Kanopi training center to be able to take care and assist senior citizen and sick people.

Care Giver are coming from various places in Indonesia with various religion and races / tribes. They were given basic nursing education as well as attitudes & behavior/ethical education as a professional care giver.

However, for beginner care givers , they need time to adjust at the client ‘s house , so active participation from client ‘s family is expected such as notification of what the care givers need to do /adjust. (so client ‘s family is kindly expected to notify the care givers on what they should do/adjust.

Care Giver work and stay at client ‘s house and have the right to get 2 days leave each month. Leave will be govern by Kanopi Insan Sejahatera by sending temporary alternate care giver or if the care giver does not want to take a leave, then the leave will be considered as overtime which must be paid by the users per day according to the current Kanopi Insan Sejahtera regulation

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