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Home care nurses of Kanopi were graduated from SPK with over decades of working experience in hospital as well as graduated from Akper with specialized training to be capable of serving/handling/ taking care of client/patient at home.

Generally, the kind of clients that handled are patients newly discharged from the hospital such as post-stroke or post-surgery with aid – tools such as infusion, catheter up to a ventilator machine. . In addition, home care nurses are able to handle terminal phase patients (palliative care) as well, in which action taken were intended to improve the quality of patient ‘s life ( pain reducing and comfort increasing) rather than healing purpose.

Nurses provided are various from junior to senior including ICU nurses .

In general, the nurses work in teams and turn shifts in 12 or 24 hours.

Home Care Nursing Services in Jakarta

For those in Jakarta seeking family, elderly, or post-operative care services, look no further as Kanopi Home Care provides Nursing Home Care Services. Our team of home care nurses consists of experienced professionals, including graduates with Health Services degrees who have worked for decades in hospitals, and nursing academy graduates specially trained to serve patients at home.

Clients that can be attended to typically include those recently discharged from hospitals, such as post-stroke or post-operative patients still requiring tools like infusion, catheters, and even ventilators. Additionally, home care nurses can handle patients in the terminal phase (palliative care), where the focus is not on curing but on improving the quality of life by reducing pain and enhancing comfort.

Our nursing team includes junior, mid-level, and senior nurses (ICU care).

Nurses generally work in teams and rotate shifts every 12 or 24 hours.

Why choose Home Care Nursing Services from Kanopi Insan Sejahtera?

  • Our partners already possess a valid nursing license (STR).
  • Our partners undergo additional training by the Training Centre division on skills and attitude.
  • Our partners are trained to handle medical equipment installation (NGT, infusion, catheter, suction, and wound care).

Frequently Asked Questions for Home Care Nursing

Can Homecare nurses install medical equipment?

Our Homecare nurses can install medical equipment such as installing NGT, IV, catheters and suction.

Do Nurses at Kanopi Insan Sejahtera already have a registration certificate (STR)?

Our Homecare Nurses are required to have an active STR.

Have Kanopi Insan Sejahtera Homecare nurses received practical training before working?

Our Homecare Nurses have received training and internships at Kanopi Nursing Home (Nursing Home owned by PT. Kanopi Insan Sejahtera)


Have the Homecare Nurses received soft skills SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)?

Our nurses receive soft skills training which is included in our learning curriculum.

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