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Competency Standard Care Giver



Junior care giver is a care giver who just graduated from PT. Kanopi Insan Sejahtera Training Centre.

Job Description:

  • Caring for/treat/handling patients who need assistance due to old aged or partially paralyzed
  • Understanding care giver ‘s job description  (the responsibilities and duties) ,  the patient ‘s needs, condition and  rights as well as have knowledge of home health care
  • Understanding the excellent service to patients and families.
  • Understanding the psychology of the elderly and the sick.
  • Accompany patient during his/her activities such as taking a walk, sunbathing
  • Becoming patient ‘s friend
  • Bathing a patient in bed or in the bathroom or in a wheelchair, brushing patient‘s teeth, washing the patient’s hair.
  • Helping patients when he /she defecate or urinate.
  • Measuring body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, breathing and able to find abnormalities of the examination results.
  • Measuring weight and height
  • Preparing and serving food for the patients
  • Operate wheelchair
  • Transfer patient from bed to wheelchair and vice versa.
  • Installation of oxygen.
  • Know how to‘s clean patient room such as cleaning the mirror, sweeping, mopping, cleaning the toilet and bathroom etc.
  • Recording patient; s data such as complain of the pain, examination/test result, dose, medical treatment, abnormalities/exception found, doctor‘s advice etc.
  • Dose medicine through mouth, ointment


More skillful than junior caregiver as she/he is experienced in treating/taking care of patient at home as well as in hospital or clinic./both at home and hospital/clinic

  • Having competency of junior level. /mastering junior level competency
  • Provide food through hose (Sonde).
  • Mobilization of patients who were paralysis.
  • Prevent decubitus sores.
  • Provide installation of equipment nebulizer to deliver steam to loosen the tightness of respiratory patients.
  • Install & Operate nebulizer device to relieve patients with shortness of breath (claustrophobia)
  • Capable of  treating patient with catheter
  • Capable of treating patients with condom catheter.
  • Capable of medicines through mouth, ointments, nasal drops, ear drops as directed.


  • More experienced with competency skill as follow:
  • Intermediate level of competency
  • Skillful in decubitus wound care
  • Capable of handling fussy/difficult character patient
  • Capable of handling difficult/complicated patients such as: total paralysis, desperate due to prolonged illness, fretful/fussy treatment of diabetes patients who need insulin injection
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