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Home Care Nurse Competency Standards

Home Care Nurse Competency Standards


Able to perform basic maintenance:

  • Bathing patients all positions: in bed, sitting, in the bathroom.
  • Caring: false teeth, nails, hair, prevention dikubitus patients (injury) for a long snooze.
  • Measuring vital signs: blood pressure, body temperature, respiration, heart rate.
  • Measuring fluid balance: inputs, outputs.
  • Measure: Height, Weight, Circle stomach.
  • Doing action: glycerin spray, wind chimneys, issued a bowel movement manually, put a condom catheters, wound care for dry sterile.
  • Giving drugs through: vagina, ears, nose, eyes, anus, skin.
  • Adjust the position of the patient: sitting, half-sitting according to the patient’s condition.
  • Train patients: walking, getting out of bed, the patient effective coughing, deep breaths.
  • Hose feed through.
  • Helping the patient to vomit.


  • Able to perform maintenance junior level.
  • Perform tests to detect dengue fever.
  • Installing cateter in women and men.
  • Installing the sonde to include food / medicine.
  • Installing infusion.
  • Understanding the reasons infusion and able to do the monitoring.
  • Huknah can perform high and low.
  • Caring decubitus with sizable cuts (grade 11).
  • Can calculate the appropriate advisory drip doctor.
  • Caring for artificial anus.
  • Injected with a variety of ways.
  • Preventing complications of prolonged bed rest.
  • Taking action shaved for surgery and wound care for hygiene.
  • Doing suction / aspiration of fluid in the respiratory tract as well as the others.


  • Able to perform maintenance medium level.
  • Provide food through the hose (sonde).
  • Caring for patients with tracheotomy.
  • Suck mucus through tracheostomi.
  • Shortening and lifting drain.
  • Care puncture location CVP (Central Venous Catheter).
  • Being able to measure CVP.
  • Being able to install the ECG.
  • Ability to operate equipment 2 health: syiringe pump, infusion pump, ECG monitor
  • Being able to assess the patient’s condition nd make suggestions regarding the patient’s condition either to the family or doctor.

ICU Level

  • Able to perform senior level nursing skills.
  • Being able to read an EKG.
  • Capable of operating an ventiltor.
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