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Not Just Sick Elderly Need Assistance

Many Elderly who died suddenly at night or early morning, how could this happen?


An ELDERLY the middle of the night or waking up early morning, for example: the urge to urinate, when he did it too fast, get out of bed suddenly, as a result: very low blood pressure and the brain is deprived of blood, the brain is deprived of blood will cause the eye dizzy, headache, unstable and a sudden fall, no broken bones, no sudden heart stopped!!! There were a stroke, there is also paralyzed forever ……

To prevent the above from happening, when awake, do not immediately get out of bed, first do the following activities: fell unto the first for  half a minute  .Sitting in bed for  half a minute  . Then it cuts the first two legs at the foot of the bed for half a minute  .

In addition, the ELDERLY residents who generally have had health problems diminished coordination and slowed movement has lost some couples should have an assistant who serves:

  • As a friend so ELDERLY not lonely while doing various activities.
  • As a personal assistant so ELDERLY not need to do everything by himself.
  • Helping Elderly mobilization, thereby reducing the risk of falling. When dropped, the physical condition will decline, also the cost will be much greater.
  • Accompanying & Elderly reminded to exercise and an afternoon stroll.
  • Helping Elderly eat & drink.
  • Caring for Elderly & inform health condition to his family.
  • Helping Elderly & reminded to take medication and vitamins.
  • Helping Elderly at the time of defecation and urination.
  • ELDERLY leaned task (left-right) to prevent decubitus sores.
  • Doing body massage.
  • Helping Elderly bathing.

With the assistance of this, ELDERLY will be able to enjoy the golden years of his age to be happy and taken care of, do not feel lonely and can still perform various activities. Elderly families will more easily carry out other activities as well because it does not have to worry anymore.

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