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Three Fruit Half Minutes

Many elderly people who died suddenly in the night or early morning, how could this happen? Someone seniors who wake up middle of the night to pee, he did it too fast, he got out of bed suddenly, and oh, the brain is deprived of blood, blood pressure is very low, the brain is deprived of blood causing it berkunagan lightning, labile and arrived suddenly falls, there is a fracture, there is a sudden heart stopped! Well, why scientists propose Formula 3 pieces of half a minute? Because of ECG monitoring of patients, it was found that during the day the ECG is normal, but at night is usually a lack of blood to the heart muscle to contract and suddenly, why is that? Because when he suddenly woke up, suddenly decreased blood tension, the brain is deprived of blood and the heart stops.

Then the scientists using Formula 3 pieces of half a minute: When awake, do not immediately get off the bed, fell unto the first roughly half minutes, then sat up in bed for half a minute, then just lower your legs at the foot of the bed for half a minute.

Well, with 3 pieces of half a minute passed, without wasting any money, lack of blood to the brain will be spared, the heart is working normally, eliminating the possibility of falls and broken bones, heart attacks and strokes!

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