Nursing Home

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Unlike the ordinary Nursing Home which mostly accepts healthy elderly people, Kanopi Nursing Home accepts any elderly people who in need of care. The elderly will be taken care of and accompanied by a nurse and Care Giver for 24 hours. There is also a doctor on call who can be contacted any time needed.

Kanopi Nursing Home is an extension services of PT. Kanopi Insan Sejahtera business unit which established in 2002. We realized that many people need a Nursing Home due their family inability to accompany their ill family member or people who are unmarried but having an illness and live alone.

Criteria to become a Resident at Kanopi Nursing Home:

  • Having illness and not being independent, that needed help from a third party.
  • Not having contagious disease.
  • Do not have any problematic behaviours, such as aggressive actions or verbal and physical abuse that can hurt other residents.
  • Providing responsible parties as the guardian

Facilities and Services in the Kanopi Nursing Home:

  • 24 hours company of nurses and care giver.
  • On Call doctor
  • Food and beverage service. 3 times meals, 2 times snacks
  • Laundry Services
  • Physical Wellness. Daily activities according to the patient’s condition.
  • Spiritual Wellness. Kanopi welcomes Residents of all religions, where facilities and transportation are provided according to the worship needs of each religion.
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